A Louisiana man, wearing a tin foil helmet, was arrested after he allegedly threatened to torch four Westbank schools. He says that he was wearing the tin foil on his head to prevent signals from entering into his head.

Shane Kersey, 35, was arrested at a friend's home in Lafitte by detectives after he left a message making the threat at four Westbank schools. WWL reports that the threats were serious enough to force the schools to go into a lock down mode last Wednesday.

Detectives were able to trace the phone number where Kersey was present at after he left the threats on the school system phones. Kersey admitted to police that he made the threatening phone calls and he was arrested.

According to police, Kersey has an extensive criminal record with multiple arrests for possession of narcotics, simple burglary, aggravated battery, criminal trespassing, theft, illegal possession of a weapon and numerous traffic offences.

Kersey was charged with two counts of terrorizing, along with being a fugitive from Plaquemines Parish on a burglary warrant.

Authorities did not find any threatening devices on any of the school's campuses.

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