Two men from Evangeline Parish were arrested today for sexually abusing their Siberian Husky named "Nyla." State Police Sex Crimes Unit were tipped of by Humane Society Director Jeff Dorson. The two men abusing the dog were arrested with in two hours of the tip.

When State troopers entered the residence both men openly admitted to sexually abusing their dog. According to Dorson, the two men "didn't think it was that bad."

WOW !!!

Joshua Granger and Nathan Wells of Evangeline parish are behind bars, and to make matters worse; in addition to sexually attacking their dog, they also video taped the abuse. How these two guys could think that "nothing was wrong" with this scenario is beyond me.

The Husky, "Nyla," is in custody and didn't suffer from any internal injuries. Police say she is doing fine and will be put up for adoption in about 2 weeks, once she feels comfortable with being around people; especially men.