If you drive around Lafayette on a regular basis, chances are you have seen the 'LSU Lamborghini.' In addition to seeing it all around town, I have personally had the 'LSU Lambo' zoom past me on Bertrand drive, leaving me in his dust - but now it looks like the LSU Lambo's "zooming" has finally caught up to it's owner.

I'm scrolling through Facebook on a Friday night, and what do I see before my eyes? A picture of the 'LSU Lambo' stopped by Lafayette Police in my timeline with a gazillion comments attached. Apparently, the cops caught the driver speeding through a local Lafayette neighborhood off of West Bayou Parkway, and stopped him.

It totally sucks to get stopped by the cops, even if it's the 'LSU Lambo' guy (who I totally don't even know) but what alarmed me about this was that the 'LSU Lambo' was already internet famous. As I followed the link of the photo on Reddit, I saw tons of comments from people mentioning the LSU Lamborghini's internet fame. Instantly, it had over 1000 upvotes, and within a few clicks I realized that this thing was already nationally infamous.

But then again, it is a bright yellow Lamborghini - which is super rare around Lafayette, LA - and it has purple tiger stripes, giving it the full LSU personification. I guess I shouldn't be surprised after all.

Either way, good luck to LSU Lambo dude, because according to the internet, it seems as if he took a ride with the cops and his car is just sitting there. No bueno.