It's finals week for a lot of college students, and right out of the gate LSU is setting the bar high after a male student was spotted studying completely in the nude at Middleton Library.

Twitter and Snapchat buzzed with shocked face emojis and "WTF" captions as the news circulated along with a photo of a guy studying butt-naked while seated in a chair on the fourth floor of the library.

A Twitter user—who has since deleted the tweet and wishes to remain anonymous—seems to be the first person that called attention to the naked man via social media by posting a screenshot of a Snapchat that showed the man studying in the buff.


Is it possible that the hell that is better known as finals week has already gotten to this young lad? Did this gentleman lose a bet? Is this fraternity related? I'm all about comfort, but was this a temperature related incident?

There was even rumor that this actually happened over a week ago and is just now getting traction. Naturally, Twitter had its fair share of reactions that ranged from people who were shocked, to those who gave props.

The student hasn't officially been identified, but Massey's wished students a humorous 'Good Luck' via Instagram and the Instagram handle @jcrrichardson was tagged referring to the man in the now infamous photo.

Is John Richardson the naked Middleton scholar? Only time will tell.

And with the internet, that shouldn't take long.