Mac Miller closes out a year that saw the release of his sophomore album and the exhausting Space Migration Tour with a surprise announcement. The Pittsburgh rapper took to Twitter to announce a new project, 'Live From Space,' an album that will feature live recordings from the tour.



The effort will also feature five songs that were left off 'Watching Movies With the Sound Off.' Funk duo the Internet will also appear on the upcoming release.

'Life From Space' Tracklist:

1. 'S.D.S.'
2. 'The Star Room / Killin’ Time'
3. 'BDE (Best Day Ever)'
4. 'Bird Call'
5. 'Watching Movies'
6. 'REMember'
7. 'The Question'
8. 'Objects in the Mirror'
9. 'Youforia'
10. 'Eggs Aisle'
11. 'Earth f. Future'
12. 'Life'
13. 'Black Bush'
14. 'In the Morning' feat. Syd & Thundercat