MacKenzie Bourg of Lafayette has officially released his first single after appearing on NBC's singing competition "The Voice." MacKenzie's debut single, "Everyone's Got A Story," debuted in the Top-100 on iTunes Monday.

While MacKenzie may have left "The Voice" earlier than we expected, the Lafayette sensation is making huge waves with his debut single on iTunes. The inspirational pop ballad is already in the Top 90 on the pop charts and in the Top 300 overall.

We certainly hope that MacKenzie Bourg, who Adam Levine described as a mix of Harry Potter and Justin Bieber, has much success in the music industry. MacKenzie is a big fan of HOT 107-9 and we are a HUGE fan of his. Best of luck to MacKenzie and congratulations on your debuts single, "Everbody's Got A Story."

To listen to or to purchase MacKenzie Bourg's debut single on iTunes click HERE!!