Often when we get our coupons in the mail, we go them and dispose of what we are not interested in. But would you even really notice if you didn't receive your coupons? One mailman took it upon himself hoping that those he delivers to would do just that, not notice they weren't getting their coupons. Police Investigators have arrested Thomas Tang, of New York, for stealing coupons while on his route, and then selling them on eBay to help pay off his mortgage. Tang told police he made $35,000 from JC Penny coupons alone while selling them on eBay. Investigators are now working to determine how much money Tang received from similar schemes involving coupons from Kohl's and Lowe's. All of this because Tang said he had to do what he had to do to make ends meet. This was his way of paying for the mortgage, all because of the many expenses he has incurred for his kid's education.