The Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge is closed for the night and traffic contraflow has been put in place near mall entrances after a massive fight broke out earlier this evening. The brawl, said to have as many as 200 juveniles involved happened in the food court area around 6 P.M. according to reports.

Deputies say the juveniles quickly fled to other areas inside and outside of the mall when police response arrived. There was initially a rumor that shots had been fired and someone had been hit in the leg, but that rumor has since proved to be false. A spokesperson for EMS said that ambulances were called to the scene, but there was no need to treat anyone on the scene.

Deputies also said that there was reportedly a post via social media about a flash mob, which is what drew the massive crowd to the area. "Chaos" was the description used by many shoppers and innocent bystanders:

A woman who asked not to be identified says she was in the food court with her one-year-old son when the large fight broke out.  "People were jumping over my tables and other tables and knocked over my baby stroller," she said.  "I grabbed my son and took off running but all the doors to the stores were closed.  I ran through a side door into the parking lot and ran around trying to find my car," she said.

[via WAFB]

The Mall of Louisiana remains closed for the night as the incident remains under investigation. According to police, all juveniles were taken to nearby restaurants to be picked up by their parents.