Life after divorce can be rough. There's always one party left with bitterness. The bitter ex, may burn pictures, slash tires, key cars; anything destructive. But not Alan Markovitz. Oh he got even alright, but not by destroying any of his ex-wife's possessions. Alan purchased a home directly next door to his ex-wife. Not only does she have to deal with him being a neighbor, but every time she takes a look out her window, she will be viewing a bronze statue of the middle finger.

Good morning and "beep" you! Alan claims he's over his ex-wife and the statue is not intended for her. The statue is meant for his ex-wife's boyfriend (who is the guy she had an affair with). If Alan went through all this trouble, I wonder what else he does on a daily basis to get back at them? Maybe, tan in the nude?

He even installed a Huge Spot Light, this is what it looks like at night.

In case you were wondering what this couple looks like, Here you go. This is Alan Markovitz.He reminds me of someone hmmmmmm...


...and yes he looks like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

Last but not least here is his Wife and Daughter..


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