Maybe you have seen the "Google Mobile" come though your neighborhood once or twice, and you ask yourself, "what is that?" Google has several automobiles equipped with cameras and all that they do is drive around the country/world documenting streets via still images. Well in France, one of Google's cars caught a man urinating in his front yard and he is now suing the search engine for "damages."According to Mashable, a Frenchman is suing Google for $13,000 in damages. The unidentified man's attorney Jean-Noel says, “Everyone has the right to a degree of secrecy. In this particular case, it’s more amusing than serious. But if he’d been caught kissing a woman other than his wife, he would have had the same issue.”


While the "victim's" face may be blurred out in the image, he still claims that many in his village recognize him because of the location and that he has had to suffer the embarrassment that has come with the 2010 photo. A court in the nearby city of Angers is scheduled to give a verdict on March 15, according to Reuters.

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