Last week, in Greenville, South Carolina, someone spotted a DOG hanging off a second-story balcony by its leash. Luckily for the dog, the leash was attached to a  harness around the dog and not by the collar around it's neck.

Still, this was enough to get a 23-year-old man in trouble with the law. The person who took the photo of the dog dangling brought it to police and they have since charged the young man with misdemeanor animal cruelty. In case you are wondering, this is not is dog, it belongs to HIS DAD!!!

The 23-year-old man, Tyler Smith, was watching his dad's dog and when it came time to go out and walk the dog, the young man was too lazy to go downstairs so he elected to dangle the pup over the balcony, as seen in the photo.

The father of Tyler Smith says that he is appalled by his son's actions and does not condone what his son did.