When a Texas man returned home to find burglars backing out of his driveway he called 911, but instead of waiting around for the cops, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Chilling video captured by his daughter shows the Houston plastic surgeon chasing after the burglars. Then, just when you think you're watching the next heroic video to go viral where all ends well, the burglars violently turn on the man once they realize they're being chased.

First, the alleged crooks back their getaway truck into the surgeon's car, and eventually turn completely around to charge after the man and his daughter as they floor it in reverse in an attempt to get away.

You can hear the fear in his daughters voice as the truck crashes into them, then ultimately into a ditch where police were able to arrest two of the alleged bandits.

A third suspect fled on foot.

Of course the police don't recommend this type of behavior to citizens, but the man—who asked reporters not to use his name—was fed up with the recent string of burglaries in his neighborhood.

I’m tired of these people taking advantage of us. We’re not going to tolerate it anymore in our neighborhood.

Although things could have ended up way worse, the man's daughter was released from the hospital after being treated for whiplash and they were even able to get back some of their stolen property from the burglars' truck.

Do you think what the man did was brave, or stupid? Watch the video and comment below!