I highly dislike the heckling you get at carnivals. All you wanna do is keep looking straight while walking through the carnival game section with your girl. Carnies shout things like, "Hey! Come win this for your girl," and the best one, "OH, your girl isn't good enough for this prize?" There were times I would make my girl walk ahead of me, just so they would leave me alone. Ahhhhh. I cant stand hecklers!

This poor sap got caught up in the carnival heckling, and all he wanted to do is have fun with his kid and hopefully win him a new Xbox. But "what had happened was..." he ended up broke and hanging out with a banana with dreadlocks. Peep the video above.

Henry Gribbohm started playing the ball and basket toss game, and he was making the ball in the basket without it bouncing out; but when he started playing with cash money, something went wrong. The balls were no longer staying in the basket. He quickly lost $300 bucks, went home, then brought back his entire life savings and lost all $2,600 of it!

The carnival heckler did feel bad for the man and gave him back $600 and a Jamaican Banana. What a trade off! This guy is either the best dad in the world, or the biggest moron on the planet.

A news team caught up with the carnival crew in another town. When asked to speak with the ball and basket guy they replied with:

The game is no longer in service.

How convenient.

Henry Gribbohm needs to get the shirt: "I went to the carnival and all I got was this stupid Banana." LOL!! Is it too soon for jokes? Let us all pause for this public service announcement.