Two years ago, Ben Nunery lost his wife Ali to cancer. Ali lost her battle to a rare form of lung cancer, but luckily for Ben, Ali lives on through their daughter Olivia. 

Just days prior to their wedding, Ben and Ali took wedding photos in their new home. As you can see, the house was empty when they snapped the photos. Well recently, Ben and Olivia have moved of the house the young couple bought prior to their wedding. But before handing the keys over, Ben decided to do something really cool.

Ben recreated the photos he and his wife took prior to moving into their new home, but this time in the photos with Ben it was his daughter. Little Olivia stood/sat exactly where her mom was 4-years ago.

The photographer, Melanie Tracy Pace,  had this to say about recreating such beautiful photos:

“He asked me to take pictures of him and Olivia in their empty house just like we did on the day he married Ali, 4.5yrs ago. That’s right, the time has come for Olivia to have a yard to play in, a bigger house where her toys can have a dedicated place of their own and home in a good school district. On Friday Ben handed over the keys and drove away from the house that holds so many unforgettable memories. The place where you can literally feel my sister’s presence the second you step in the door. Heck, she poured herself into making that place their home and every inch of it was perfection, who am I kidding?”

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Melanie Tracy Pace / Loft3 Photography


Melanie Tracy Pace / Loft3 Photography