Checkout the reaction of this woman in the video, Jessica, when she receives a Christmas gift from her fiance that she DID NOT expect to get. Her fiance wanted to give her a gift that she would never forget, nor ever expect to get.

Jessica's fiance restored her childhood teddy bear "Whitey" and gave it to her this past Christmas. Technically, the bear is older than Jessica being that someone gave it to her mom during a baby shower.

Jessica's fiance says that when he found "Whitey" it was in two pieces and much of the stuffing was missing. Being that he wanted to give Jessica a piece of her childhood years back, he had the bear restored and wrapped it up for Christmas. Her reaction to the gift is PRICELESS once she realizes what it is.

This only makes me think, what one item would I love to have restored from my childhood years? For me, I think if I could find all of my firetrucks, and I had close to 50 of them, I'd like to have them back so that I could pass them on to my son, Mason. He too is obsessed with firetrucks and police cars, much as I was when I was his age.