I've always heard that music had the charm to soothe the savage beast, but I had no idea that NOT playing the music would lead to the beast unloading his AK-47. Police in Philadelphia are looking for 21-year-old Henry Pettigrew after he reportedly shot up a strip club when the DJ played the wrong song.

Cops say the bouncers at the Purple Orchid Gentleman's Club tried to remove Pettigrew after he became irate when the DJ refused to play his favorite song. Pettigrew and an accomplice then attacked a customer who they mistook for a bouncer, and when that customer tried to flee to his vehicle in the parking lot, Pettigrew grabbed his AK-47 and began firing at the SUV.

Unfortunately, the customer was hit above the hip, but the worst wasn't even over yet. Video evidence showed Pettigrew falling - likely due to intoxication - then re-entering the strip club and firing several rounds in the direction of the DJ who wouldn't play his song. Luckily, the DJ ducked as bullets tore through the mirror right where his head was located.

Pettigrew and his accomplice are both wanted by police and anyone with tips are urged to report them through PhillyPolice.com