This really could be a huge mistake, but a very well planned mistake. LOL! Meaning this guy known as Ruben Pavon probably thought to himself, if I get away with stealing from a place called 'Finders Keepers' it must literally be finders keepers, but if I get caught, well I'll just tell the cops it was a huge misunderstanding. Does that sound about right. Check out the video and lets see what Ruben has to say.Just like I thought a very well planned mistake. Pavon is pretty good. He even brought his kid with him to steal. I love what he told the cops and the news:

"I just want to clear my name and say I'm not a bad dad," he said. "I'm the best dad in the world."

Of course all proceeds from the items that are sold at Finders Keepers go to charities for children and U.S. troops. Pavon did return what was taken. (because he got busted duh!) Derry police said they're still investigating the theft, and there's no word if there will be criminal charges.

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