John Grant of Tinley Park, Illinois may have won a bet against his wife this week during "Monday Night Football," but I have a feeling that he is NOT winning at home. Mr. Grant bet his wife, Nicole Grant, who is a big Packers fan that the Bears would beat them on MNF and they did.

The bet the couple put on the line was that the loser of the bet would allow their significant other to taze them with a stun gun at the end of the game. Well, the Bears did indeed defeat the Packers and being a true sport, Nicole agreed to allow her husband to taze her. She says that she had no idea that her husband was serious about the bet, but she learned quickly that he was VERY serious about it.

John allegedly tazed his wife in a bar while she stood there laughing. Laughing prior to John pulling the trigger that is. After she was shot with the tazer, that is when Nicole called police and now her husband faces the possibility of serving SIX YEARS in prison and a fine up to $10,000. He was arrested and charged with felony possession of an electric weapon. We should note here, both John and Nicole's blood alcohol levels were over the legal limit at the time of this incident.

It is probably safe to say that John is in the "Dog House" back home, and that this couple will NOT be watching any NFL games together this week. Too bad because there are some great games scheduled for this week in the NFL.

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