If your a NEW artist and you want attention. Just do what indie pop artist  Margaret did in her debut single called Thank You Very Much.  Get a bunch of old Naked people and throw a birthday party. Its sure to go viral. Be the 1st to see it.  Warning: This video contains lots of pixelated nudity.

She might look like she is a teen, but Margaret is 21 years old. So I guess it was ok to be around all those naked people. I'm pretty sure the guy who knocks the cup out of her hand with his penis, would have felt a little uncomfortable doing that if she was any younger. By the way the penis guy actually practiced that move several times before they filmed it. LOL!

Margaret told The Sun: “I remember while being on the set, there was this guy – 50-plus or something...“We were shooting the family photo scene and he tried hitting on me by telling me that he didn’t have any hair on any part of his body. OMG!!! That my friends is gross.I'm sure this video is gonna explode! (no pun intended)