As if Nick Cannon didn't already make you sick based solely on the fact of who he gets to go home to every night, today Mariah Carey publicly tweeted a very sexy selfie showing her lacy black bra and tons of cleavage to wish her husband a Happy 33rd Birthday with the caption:

Happy Birthday to my Hubby @NickCannon..."my baby I'm waiting on youuuu"hahaha! KKLB! GHL!!!! Mwah !!!!!


It's not even the cleavage, I mean just look at that hair over her face. Look at the white shirt, strategically unbuttoned to give way to her black bra. At first, I thought Carey may have made a mistake by tweeting out the photo for the world to see instead of privately in a direct message, but she knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

Making the world hate Nick Cannon even more.

If that was too much to handle, MTV2 also announced that they have picked up the series Nick Cannon Presents: Wild'N Out for another season.

I can't even deal.