Mariah Yeater, the woman accusing Justin Bieber of being the father of her baby, may have just let the pop icon off the hook via a text message she sent to one of her friends. TMZ has obtained a screen shot of the text message, and in the conversation, it is quite clear that Yeater knows Bieber is NOT the the father of her baby. In the text she identifies someone by the name of  Robbie as the father of her baby, and asks her friend to please delete all text message he may have ever received from her mother.

For weeks now, Mariah Yeater has claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Bieber following one of his shows, and that is where she claims to have become pregnant for his child. Bieber's camp has denied these accusations, and have threatened legal action against Yeater. Knowing that, Yeater has continued to stick to her story, and  offered her side of the story to several media outlets.




Well, TMZ obtained this text message from one of Yeater's friends, and it is quiet clear here that Yeater knows Justin Bieber is NOT the father of her baby. In the text, she even makes it quiet clear that once she is paid-off from Bieber, she will pay her friend who has received this text for deleting a few other incriminating texts he may have received from her mother.

According to TMZ, the recipient of these text messages have turned them over to Bieber's attorneys. For more on this story visit TMZ.