Have you ever wondered about Floyd Mayweather's friendship with Justin Bieber? If so, don't ask him about it. One reporter did—and almost instantly regretted it.

"Money" Mayweather totally checked a reporter for asking him if his friendship with the Biebs was actually a legit one, or just some marketing scheme.

While she definitely isn't the only one who may have wondered how his connection with the 20-year-old pop star came about, she will definitely be the one we remember for getting put in check by the CEO of The Money Team for her curiosity.

Bieber is seen at all of Mayweather's fights, in photos before and after the match—he even rushed to make sure his kids were ok after a recent fender bender.

She may not have meant anything by it, but Mayweather turned her attempt at a funny question into a very awkward situation when he claimed that the fact that she saw anything "wrong" with the situation was simply racial profiling.

I'm pretty sure she will never ask that question again.