Earlier this week, we posted a blog titled, “Meet The Person Behind The Voice Of 'Siri'.” In it, was video originally posted on the tech blog theverge.com. The video, titled “How Siri Found Its Voice.” shows the development of synthesized speech, from its beginnings being used in various toys and video games, all the way up to the voice on our iPhones.

The woman featured in the video, named Allison Dufty, is shown recording various audio pieces that will be used to create electronically generated speech. Based on the headline of the video, we assumed that what was being presented was in fact accurate. We received an email from Ms. Dufty informing us that the video was not accurate in portrayal of her as 'the voice of 'Siri'. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused her. Here is a copy of the email received from Ms. Dufty.

Your recent post on the “voice of Siri” is not true, and I know this because I am the voice actor that was interviewed. Unfortunately, the Verge video feature headline has sent many people my way assuming “How Siri Got Its Voice” meant that I was the voice of Siri, which I’m not. The wording of the headline was catchy, but made it easy to miss that the article was about the “How” part, and not the “Who.” Thanks, Allison
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