Most would agree that Miami Heat's Superstar Lebron James is the best overall athlete in the world. Well if any of you doubt that, see what he did to an opposing player in a recent NBA game while going to the rim. James reminded a lot of his critics that he still has "game" and that he is indeed one of the best athletes in the world.

Known for his extraordinary leaping abilities, Lebron James is one of the most feared NBA players in the league. Through the years, we have seen some of his best dunks and blocks make it to the highlight reel, but this one particular slam dunk may be his best yet.


Watch as James takes flight over a Chicago Bulls player in a recent game and brings down the house.

I truly feel sorry for the VICTIM because he is forever going to be part of Lebron James' highlight reel. Not to mention, this poor guy is forever on a poster than he would rather not be on. Sit back and checkout what happens when anyone gets in the away of the world's greatest athlete.