Today, Michael Jordan turns 50 years old. MJ is one of the most recognized athletes of all time and according to his biography on the official NBA website, he is "the greatest basketball player of all time." Jordan's records, accolades, and accomplishments would fill this entire page, and his endorsed products are still extremely relevant and successfully popular to this day.

Sports Illustrated has one of the best photo collections of "His Airness," that will definitely take you down memory lane if you are a sports fan who was around to see him in his prime. Will there ever be a player as good or better than Michael Jordan? Kobe? LeBron? I guess only time will tell.

Check out these awesome photos, as we wish 'Air Jordan' a very Happy 50th Birthday!

Rick Stewart, ALLSPORT, Getty Images Sport
Getty Images Sport
Getty Images Sport
Mike Powell, ALLSPORT, Getty Images Sport
Doug Pensinger, ALLSPORT, Getty Images Sport
Jonathan Daniel, ALLSPORT, Getty Images Sport
Kevin Levine, Getty Images

Michael Jordan Career Highlights (Hall of Fame 2009)