Michelle Schexnayder, of Lafayette, was on the morning show this week to talk about her experiences on the show "Summer Camp." The competition airs every Monday night, on the USA Network, at 10pm central.

Michelle said that she was lucky to be invited on the show because she initially auditioned for another reality show. However, the producers remembered her and they invited her to take part in the competition of "Summer Camp."

The show features males versus females in various competitions and being that Michelle is really active in the gym, this show fit her. She says that competition may be fierce on the show and strategy is everything. Michelle has not been voted off of the show, and is in the running for the final prize, which is $250,000 for the winning team.

If you have seen the show, Michelle started off as the quiet one in the group, and then she quickly came out of her shell. Our favorite moment thus far on the show came when Michelle jumped into the pool right away. While others were hesitant, Michelle had no fear!!

Be sure to check out our local girl on the USA Network every Monday night, after WWE Monday Night Raw, at 10pm central.