Apparently Miley Cyrus REALLY wants to be like Rihanna because Miley is even posting pictures that resemble some of RiRi's actions. This photo was uploaded to an Instagram account supposedly owned by Miley Cyrus, with the caption "High as fvck #."

Yes, the once so innocent Disney star does not seem to be so innocent any longer and the pictures may just prove that.However Miley recently went to Twitter and denied even having an Instagram account, but notice that she does not deny that it is she in the photo.


Miley has posted several controversial pictures of herself on Twitter, but the latest seems to scream---I'm growing up and I am no loner the innocent "Hannah Monata."

What do you think of Miley now? Should she be held to higher standards or is it her "right" to do what she wants as a young lady? Tell us what you think of this photo in the comment section below.