In some cultures this would be considered just plain crazy. When Joni Bakaradze died at age 22, 18 years ago, his mother, Tsiuri Kvaratskhelia decided to mummify his body using Vodka.

Just when you thought you had a crazy family you read something like this. It makes crazy Uncle Joey's back in the day stories look like a Disney movie. Alright back to this story.

Joni Bakaradze died 18 years ago, he was 22, and his  family decided against burring  him in the ground. Instead his mother preserved his body as a mummy for 18 years. Joni's mother, Tsiuri Kvaratskhelia, told Georgia News that the decision was made so that her son's child could "see what kind of father he had." Sounds like she was trying to get child support. Just Say'n.

Here's what Kvaratskhelia had to say according to Huffington Post!

        "I had a dream once. Somebody was telling me to wake up and start using vodka to care for the body," Kvaratskhelia said in an interview. "I have been using... spirit liquid poultices since then. You must not leave the body without them during [the] night, because it will turn black."


Sounds like she's been pouring some out for the homies to me, or she's been hitting that bottle of "Spirit Liquid" a little too hard. LOL! Either way, this isn't her 1st rodeo. I wonder how may times she has done this before? Who really has a make shift burial site in the basement of their house?

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