A mom's Facebook post explaining why she doesn't teach her kid to share has gone viral.

Alanya Kolberg, who is from Missouri, says that she recently took her son to a park with and when they arrived with one of his Minecraft figures other kids wanted to play with her son's toy.

That's when Kolberg says she told her son that its okay to "Say No." Basically, she explained to her child that he doesn't have to share his stuff with others if he doesn't want to.

As you may expect, as soon as this post went viral some went against this mother's parenting skills while others defended her choice of parenting.

Those who have defended Alanya's way of parenting say that by forcing kids to share only strengthens the idea of "entitlement" in today's society.

What side are you on here? Did this mother do wrong in telling her child that he doesn't have to share or should she have told her son to share with other kids? Let us know in the comment section below.

Kolberg's story and post has gotten so big that she is making media stops and even appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America."