Have you ever wondered what movie theaters did with their old $6 a box candy?  I thought they just tossed them in the garbage, and they went to the big candy heaven in the sky. Well, they do toss them, but before they do, they have a little fun with the candy boxes. I wont give it away, check out the video.

According to The FW, a move theater employee was instructed by his boss to throw away an old box of Milk Duds. Just like a lil kid you have to be specific. Since his boss wasn't, he took it upon himself to turn the entire snack bar into a domino rally. Only instead of dominoes, it’s $6 boxes of movie theater candy.

I'll give it to this kid, its pretty cool, but at $6 a box. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets fired. Its like 50 box @ 6 bucks apiece, that comes to $300 give or take plus tax. That's more then this kid will make in a month there. There goes his pay check.

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