This photo, which was originally posted on Reddit, is now making it's way around the various social media sites like Facebook & Twitter. As you can see, NBA Star Lebron James is walking along a board walk, but when you look a bit closer you can see that his toes are really messed up!!

Perhaps the greatest athlete in the world doesn't need perfect feet to perform on the court, but this photo is disturbing. I'm sure playing basketball every day on the hard court had something to do with this deformity, but it doesn't seem to have hindered the 2-Time NBA Champion.

Still, why are his toes so "jacked up?" Have his toes been surgically repaired or is it the tight shoes that he has worn for most of his career responsible for his feet looking like this? In any case, I can't get this image out of my head, now I hope that this photograph doesn't hinder your sleep.