We have all lost a pet or two in our lifetime, and most of us would do just about anything to get it back or at least find another pet that resembles the one we lost. Now a new app will help you find a pet that resembles the pet you just lost.

The app, which is available on iTunes, is called PetMatch. You just upload a photo of your dead dog or cat, and it searches adoption databases in the area for pets that look like your old one.

PetMatch is FREE and it's available for download in the iTunes app store.

My question is this, can this same company perhaps do the same for people? Could this company direct you and me to adoption agencies, that have kids ready for adoption, that look like loved ones that have died? The answer is probably yes!!! Scary!!!

The company behind PetMatch has stated that will come out with another app that directs you to stores with merchandise, for jewelery and furniture, that resembles what you may have lost.