With everyone attempting to slim down this summer, here is the latest diet trend out there. The diet calls for you to put BUTTER in your coffee and it is suppose to curb your appetite.

We have always been told that if we want do not to gain weight, steer clear of the butter or products that contain butter. Now, there is a diet out that encourages you to add a stick of butter to your coffee and it should suppress your appetite.

The "recipe" calls for you to mix at least TWO-THIRDS of a stick of butter into your coffee, and even says that you can also add coconut-palm oil for flavor and an extra energy boost. I'm am not only just questioning if this type diet is effective, now I am thinking that this has to taste terrible.

Health experts say that this type diet will probably NOT help you loose the weight you wish because adding butter to your coffee will add an additional 100 to 200 calories to your daily diet.

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