It took long enough, but Facebook has finally released an update for it's iPhone/iPad app, and it actually features improvements! In addition to the upgraded features, the update to Facebook's mobile platform adds noticeable speed - more than twice as fast as the previous version.

Anyone who has ever used Facebook on an iOS device before this update knows how notoriously terrible the app was when it came to speed and stability. I'll admit, when I saw "faster than ever" in the description, I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

Boy, was I wrong.

After a few minutes of using the updated app, I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only was the app faster, but navigation through the News Feed was way smoother, and photos that would normally shut down the app, loaded with the quickness. If you're a heavy Facebook user via the iPhone/iPad - go get that sucker now!

In the meantime, here's a quick breakdown of all the improvements in the shiny new update.

Icon and Welcome Screen

The icon looks way slicker, and the best part about the login screen is that I didn't see it for long because the logging in is much quicker than before.

News Feed Tweaks

Posts are now separated more, and Status, Photo, and Check In buttons are different as well.

The Sidebar

Not only does it jump out at you faster than before, it's way easier to navigate.

Timeline Friendly

One of the worst things about upgrading to Timeline is that it seemingly took forever to load. The new Facebook update speeds up that load time and allows you to scroll seamlessly through posts.


When it comes to scrolling, and loading times - pictures look, and behave much better in the new update.

Messages and Camera

According to the New York Times, the coding from the stand-alone apps for Facebook's Messenger and Camera have been tucked into the app - making things look different, but more importantly, move a lot faster.

Posting Status Updates

More control. More options. Better look. Smoother feel.

All Things iPad

From photos that load faster, to messages feeling more like an instant messenger, the Facebook's mobile app update for the iPad is all around great for all the right reasons. Plus, your Cover Photo is now visible. Joy.

Did you download the new Facebook for iPhone/iPad yet? Comment with your thoughts on the update below!