Daniel Tosh twitted something a little bit interesting today about the video show that he has hosted..........he is stepping DOWN!  I know I know, its some pretty sad news because his sarcastic humor always made the show.  The videos were cool to, but you know you were glued to the tv waiting for his smart ass comments(or rude, racial, sexist, etc.).  At the same time, knowing his style of humor do you think he is REALLY going to step down?  I will believe the news once I see it for myself because he is too much of a joker for anyone to take seriously.  If anything I would LOVE to take his position as host(who wouldn't), it can't be that hard just to stand up in front of a video screen and slam insults.  Anyway Daniel Tosh also announced that he will introduce the new host mid way through the show that airs tonight, which is a good way to give a hear attack because the anticipation is killing me!  What do you think, is he telling the truth or playing us?