The video posted below is very tough to watch, but the mother, shown in the footage captured by Nanny Cam being beaten in front of her 3-year-old during a home invasion, wants everyone to see it in hopes that it will bring the intruder to justice so no one will ever have to experience what she had to go through.

The chilling video shows a mother and her daughter watching cartoons on the couch, when the woman gets up to investigate a loud noise. That loud noise was the sound of the back door being kicked in by a home intruder. When confronted, the intruder wails on the woman, punching her several times in the face before picking her up and throwing her down violently.

The suspect, a 5'11, 210 black male with a salt-and-pepper beard, then went upstairs to ransack the bedroom for jewelry and valuables, and as he returns he is seen kicking the woman in the face as she struggles to regain her footing. In what may be the most shocking act, he then drags the woman toward the basement and hurls her down the steps as the terrified 3-year-old witnesses the entire incident. He never once touches the little girl.

Police said the man made off with the woman’s wedding ring among other stolen items. The woman was treated at the hospital for leg and face injuries suffered at the man’s hands. She was released over the weekend.

What is even scarier is that in addition to the woman's 3-year-old witnessing the entire ordeal, her 18-month-old was upstairs sleeping the entire time. The midday attack is quite shocking, considering that it happened in Milburn, a community known for being a safe town.

The Nanny Cam, a device usually used for monitoring children, was poised on the mantle the entire time, undisguised. Most would never want to relive the sights and sound of such an event, let alone share it with anyone else; but the family insisted that the police release the footage to the public. They wanted to show people how violent this man was in hopes that it will help him get caught and arrested quickly, before he is able to do something like this again.

The mother in this incident was luckily able to walk away with physical injuries that she will eventually recover from, but the next victim may not be so lucky.