The NFL has announced the 2014 football games for all the teams, without times and dates, but we do know that the New Orleans Saints will visit the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in 2014.

According to the New Orleans Saints, over 600 fans voted as to which road game they are most excited about in 2014, and 34 percent of the fans voted for the away game between the Saints and the Cowboys.

The Cowboys game was followed by the Carolina Panthers and then the away game at Pittsburgh. Aside from those three road games, the Saints also travel to play the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions.

While no date for the Dallas game has been announced, you better believe that I will be in AT&T Stadium, along with the rest of the HOT Crew, to take in what may be slowly becoming a rivalry in the NFL.

The Saints have won eight out of the ten last contests between the Cowboys, but Dallas has a 15-11 advantage in their series. This is not a conference game for either team.