He overcame an injury that would ruin most careers to help give hope to an entire city. Eventually, he brought New Orleans a Super Bowl trophy that they would see for the first time in their football franchise's history.  From the iconic photo of him lifting his son, Baylen, up into the air after winning the Super Bowl to his constant expressions of undying love for his wife Brittany, (not to mention those adorable Vick's VapoDad commercials) he is clearly a model for fathers and husbands all over the world.

He has the coolest pre-game huddle chants, he has tons of swagger, he supports the troops, he does tons of charity work, he lives in uptown New Orleans, he runs a Jimmy John's sandwich shop franchise, he is loved by Ellen and is having a season that will break records and go down as one of the all-time greats in the NFL, and somehow he still found time to go to Sesame Street.

This Thursday Drew Brees will be hanging with Elmo on an episode of 'Sesame Street' set to air at 9 a.m. on PBS. The Saints quarterback filmed the show back in April and he will be schooling Elmo on the word "measure" in Sesame Street's 'Word on the Street' segment.

“We invited Drew Brees to Sesame Street and were thrilled that he accepted,” said Carol-Lynn Parente, senior vice president and executive producer of the series. “He was a great sport and game for making the piece fun.”

[via NOLA.com]

Is there anything that Drew Brees can't do ?

Watch Drew Brees Teach Elmo About The Word "Measure"