Just when you though we couldn't possibly get another reality show in the South, think again. "Party Down South" is set to debut on CMT January 16th at 9pm.

From the producers of MTV's "Jersey Shore," "Party Down South" will feature 8 southern guys and gals. The network says that the show will highlight their lives, while together, “for one wild summer of extreme fun."

The show will be shot & produced in Murrells Inlet, S.C. While I may consider South Carolina to be in the "south," I wish the producers would have elected to shoot this show in Lafayette, La. Could you imagine all the drama we would have seen on Jefferson St. on a Saturday night had this show been produced here?

CMT’s profiles for the four Louisiana cast members:

Lyle Boudreaux, 28, Lafayette

"Boudreaux grew up in the backwoods swamps of Lafayette, La. He considers himself a down-home gentleman with a Cajun swagger and a southern smile that ladies can't resist. Lyle loves the sound of his duck calls, and his 5-year-old daughter means the world to him. Making people smile comes easily to him and he's all about having a good time. Lyle hopes to someday find a nice, country girl whom he can bring home to his mother."

Lauren White, 21, Pineville

"Lauren is ready to get out of her mother's house, party hard and get her extensions dirty. She loves to go mudding, has a weakness for country guys and is worried that she will fall in love this summer in Murrells. When it comes to taking her clothes off, Lauren will be the first to strip down to her birthday suit, as long as it's in the name of a good time. She's a firm believer of living life with no regrets and always speaking her mind."

Mattie Breaux, 24, Gheens

"Standing tall at 6'3 with heels on, Mattie is never shy to speak her mind. She loves being the center of attention and partying is one of her favorite past times. Mattie truly defines "hot mess" as her love life is always full of drama. She's involved in an on-again off-again relationship back home, so this summer in Murrells will surely test its strength. After spending her summer outside of Louisiana, Mattie is ready to explore more of what the South has to offer."

Tiffany Heinen, 25, Eunice

"Tiffany is a farmer's daughter, with a pet pig named Rooster, (who) grew up on a 180-acre farm surrounded by rice fields and alligators. Loud and opinionated, Tiffany never keeps anyone guessing about what is on her mind. She cooks, cleans, parties, and as everyone in the household can attest, she certainly knows how to talk. Tiffany has standards when it comes to the guys she dates -- if they don't drive a truck, they might as well not ask for her number."