Here is a new trend alert for you, and it is called "CAT BEARDING." We have done the planking, owling, and even The Harlem Shake, but now its time for some "Cat Bearding."

More and more people who own cats are now raising their cats up to their chin and taking photos of themselves. While the cat is hoisted up near the lower part of the face, people are snapping a photo and uploading the photo to various social media sites. This my friends would be called "Cat Bearding."

By raising the cat up to your chin, it appears that you have this long beard, when in actuality, all you really have is a cat up against your face. If you put the cat in the right position, it's mouth may come across in the photo as your mouth as well.

I don't know who to feel more sorry for here, the person taking this ridiculous photo or the cat itself. Boy have we become a bored society.