A week after President Barack Obama "endorsed" gay marriages, Newsweek Magazine has labeled the most powerful man in the free world as "The First Gay President." In the May 21 issue, Newsweek's gay blogger Andrew Sullivan highlights the announcement President Obama made last week and goes into detail about how he felt with the President endorsing his type lifestyle. Following President Obama's risky political announcement in regards to gay marriages, Newsweek was NOT the only publication to take a swipe at the most powerful man and office in the world. Likewise, The New Yorker addressed the President's position on gay marriages, but they took a bit more subtle approach with its May 21 issue. It's a celebratory moment for our country, and that's what I tried to capture," Bob Staake, the artist behind the New Yorker cover.

Regardless how you may feel on this issue, it's safe to say that many in mainstream media and in these type publications have endorsed Obama's announcement. Many have come forth and said not only has history been made, but it is also a time for celebration.

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