The Barbz are in distress tonight after their beloved Nicki Minaj deleted her Twitter account earlier today. The shutdown came after tons of negative comments poured in from the pop star's Twitter followers surrounding the drama between Nicki and one of her fan sites. Refusing to be stuck in the middle of a civil war between her fans, Nicki decided to pull the plug.

You see, this all began when Nicki's biggest fan site - - leaked samples from her new 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' album before it was released. That obviously didn't sit to well with Nicki, so she blocked their Twitter account (@NickiDaily). The fan site then responded by turning her fans and other sites against her on Twitter.

Deleting your Twitter/Facebook to escape drama may seem petty, but when you have 11 million followers, 'negative feedback' can become a real problem. Upon deleting her account, Nicki was furious, and made it VERY clear as to why she was axing the account with her last tweet.

Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f***ing bye.

[via @NickiMinaj]

This really shows how social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Had Nicki not pulled the plug, things could have gotten way ugly. Nicki is well aware of the role that social media has played in her success, so I wouldn't bank on her being gone for too long. Twitter has a 30-day reinstatement policy, so I'm thinking that once things cool off a bit, she'll be back.

As of right now, Nicki Minaj's Twitter is still inactive, along with both the website and Twitter account for NickiDaily. But don't fret Barbz, her Facebook fan page is still up and running and #NickiComeBack is currently trending on Twitter.

Do you think Nicki will return to the Twitterverse? Were you a follower? What would it take for you to actually delete your Facebook or Twitter account?