Game on! Just hours after Kim Kardashian blessed us with her money maker in the first hot post-baby body photo we've seen from her in four months, Nicki Minaj threw her shameless hat into the ring and posted a topless photo to her Instagram wearing nothing but a pair of leopard print pasties.

Accompanied by the caption: "Should I add #Pasties to the Spring Collection????" the timing of Nicki's photo is related to anything BUT the actual pondering of such a move, or anything to do with fashion for that matter.

Her Minajesty is just one of the many well-endowed female celebs that has had approximately a year to capture Kim's throne when it came to "Most Bootylicious," but if this is her attempt in the 11th hour, it is definitely too little, and too late.

Could this be the beginning of skin wars between Hollywood's curviest starlets, to see who can be the sexiest and the most naked via social media?

If so, who's next?