Ladies this could be the best invention ever. You know us guys always leave the toilet seat up, and if you get up in the middle of the night there is always a chance your gonna fall right in. Well this is one invention that will have you glowing, literally. You will never fall in, and you will never argue with your man about leaving the seat up! Its called... Night Glow, the 1st ever glow in the dark toilet seats.

What is it exactly:

According to, They are  available in both regular round bowl types and elongated bowls, with either a blue glow or a green glow color. Night Glow seats are made for residential to light duty commercial toilets and are constructed with high quality integrally-molded, sanitary bumpers and withstands household cleansers and strong chemicals. The seats will charge up with any light source (sunlight, light bulb, florescent, black light) in minutes and will continue to glow for up to 8+ hours.

This actually could come into good use in south La. With all the power outages and Hurricanes. We need to see in the dark and use the restroom in the dark.  No more messy pee on the floor the next morning. : ) Or you can use it at the next paint party. LOL!

You can purchase one for $49.99 plus shipping. For more info hit up and get your Glow on.