An Ohio Man's dying wish was to be buried with his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycle, and his family is honoring his wish. Billy Standley is taking his bike with him, six feet below the earth's surface, in a massive see through casket. 

Standley reportedly died of lung cancer, and when he mentioned years ago that he wanted to be buried riding his bike, his two sons started the construction on this massive casket. As you may imagine, his cemetery plot is much larger than most being it had to fit this massive casket which houses not only Standley's body, but also the bike.

Mr. Standley fell in love with riding bikes while he was raising his kids, it was his own "get away." As you can see in the photo, the funeral was held outdoors so that all of Standley's family and friends could see him take his final ride "home."

The casket is made of plexiglass, steel rods, and wood. I bet this funeral procession was somewhat odd as it made it's way from the funeral home to the burial site. To see a man strapped to his motorcycle, while dead, must have been a sight most will never see again.