As a radio personality and a DJ, I'm constantly surrounded my music. It is literally my life. I addition to it being my occupation, I am also a music lover. I'm an avid record collector. I have thousands and thousands of records and to quite honest, I'm not really sure if I'll ever have enough. If we were stripped of all our possessions and material things, we would still have music. I love music because it's universal.

There is a saying that says, "music can soothe the savage beast." It is also said that music "heals the soul," in a metaphorical sense, of course. But can it heal in a scientific way? I saw a video yesterday that lead me to believe that maybe that might be true. The video touched me in a way that made me want to share it with everyone I knew. I do believe music is beautiful, and when music takes us to a better place in our lives through memories associated with it, it definitely can heal.

The video below is the most inspiring thing I have seen in a long time. If you are a music lover, or just a lover of life, please share this amazing video with as many people as you know.

Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era