Walmart is insanely popular because of the variety of products it's stores offer at discounted prices. But as the old saying, and the 1997 Notorious B.I.G. hit goes—"Mo' Money, Mo' Problems."

While Walmart does celebrate an enormous amount of success, it almost seems as if the complaints and criticism toward the retail giant are endless. The fact that the People of Walmart website shows up right underneath the companies official website should say enough.

But, I'm not here to complain about Walmart today—mainly because I barely frequent their stores, not to mention it would be like beating a dead horse at this point.

Instead, I'm here to praise an Opelousas woman named Ellen Satterly who went on the official Walmart Facebook page, and voiced what we've all thought at some point and time while inside of a Walmart store.


This Facebook page boats over 35 million followers, and Ellen—on her nifty smartphone no doubt—decided to send a direct message to the multi-billion dollar corporation asking them to give her a buzz—and THEY ACTUALLY REPLIED!

It was at that point when Ellen kindly told them to call the Opelousas, LA Walmart to let them know that more registers are needed, and soon!

In addition to Ellen being from here in our backyard, what makes this feedback and its correspondence amazing is how genuine it is coming from both parties. I reached out to Ellen to let her know that her voice spoke for so many when it came to the Walmart register struggle and she revealed that she "shuns the spotlight," and simply wanted to let them know about "the long lines at their store."

So now I can sleep well knowing Walmart is well aware of its lack of registers in Opelousas and the bonus in all of this is that I now know just how golden the public posts to Walmart's Facebook wall really are.

Here are just a few.