Sure, television personality Oprah may be worth $2.9 Billion today, but like all in the industry she had to start out from somewhere and now the television icon is showing the world where her illustrious career started---with her first audition tape for a gig in Chicago.

Back in 1983 when Oprah heard of an opening for a morning show gig in Chicago, she and her editor stayed up all night to produce the tape that propelled her career to where it is today.

Within a few months, Oprah got the gig and her show quickly became the most watched television show in the Chicago media market. Soon there after, the morning show she hosted would be renamed to the "Oprah Winfrey Show."

Her show had a 25-year run on syndicated television, until 2011, but she later carried her talents and her show to her "Own" Network.

Like Drake raps, she too "started from the bottom", but now she's here---on a network she started and owns.