In what may be a disturbing trend, it appears that a small amount of parents are much more comfortable and allowing of their kids to have sex in their OWN home. The story was on Good Morning America a few days ago, and some parents have admitted that they prefer their kids to have sex in their home versus in an unsafe environment.One mom on the show said that she feels more comfortable allowing her teen to engage in a sexual relationship in her home because she says that they will do it any way. However, she feel that if the encounter happens in a safer environment, rather than in a car or hotel, they are more likely to take precautionary measures.

Another case made on the show was that parents that allow such say that if their teens have sex in the home, parents can regulate who their kid is "hooking-up" with. One parent said once teens elect to have sex outside of the home, parents then become unaware of who their kids are with.

Tonight on the show, after 7pm, we will all weigh-in on this VERY "Hot Topic."