If you think you had the worst date ever, this one has it beat... trust me! In Kennewick, WA , Police officers were called to the Old Country Buffet after calls were coming in about a guy that peed in a cup and drank it in front of everyone.

According to NBC NEWS: the 26-year-old man went into the Old Country Buffet with a woman, on a date. The unidentified woman left after the guy that she was on a date with decided to pee in a cup, stand on a table in the middle of the restaurant and then drink the pee. WTH?

This is probably the only night where kids sticking their fingers in the buffet food wasn't the only disgusting thing at the buffet!

The man did get arrested for public urination. I'm pretty sure he didn't get asked back on a 2nd date! Then again, women do love bad boys!